The world of my childhood was saturated with music and fairy tales. I listened to my father playing the piano and my grandmother spinning tales. I drew with my coloured pencils.

My education revolved around fine arts. The State School of Fine Arts in my native Poland gave me a solid foundation in my craft, and in the following years at the Academy of Fine Arts I was privileged to study under artists whose inspiration is still with me.

After years of freelancing as graphic designer and illustrator I completed MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.

Living in Australia it is impossible not to be influenced by Aboriginal art. Their ancient tales transcend cultures and explain to us why the world is the way it is. What I have learnt from Aboriginals is that our greatest responsibility as storytellers is to create a picture of the world that is truthful and honest. A picture that strives to make sense of the chaos that surrounds us.

That’s what I will keep doing with my coloured pencils.

Group Exhibitions

Cambridge, Great Britain, Ruskin Gallery - February 2014

London, Great Britain, Candid Gallery - February 2014

Bologna, Italy, Children's Book Fair -  March 2014

Sydney, Australia, Foyer Exhibition Space - December 2014

Melbourne, Australia, International Drawing Biennale
 - November 2017

Sydney, Australia, Hunters Hill Art Exhibition, May 2018


April 2014 - Silver Award, Children's Books Illustration,
World Future Council, UN children’s book series, Voices of Future Generations


all images © Monika Klenner 2013